Raindrop Treatment

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If you’re looking for a relaxing and therapeutic treatment, schedule a Raindrop with Shirley. The Raindrop Spa is located in the barn house across the creek from Anderson Creek Cabins in Glen Rose, Tx.  Shirley Anderson is Raindrop Treatment and AromaTouch Certified and has been a Raindrop Practitioner since 2012. For more information or to schedule a 1 hour Raindrop call 214-868-4318.

 What is a Raindrop Treatment?

Raindrop Technique uses highly immune enhancing essential oils that are dropped like raindrops onto the spine with a soothing massage-like application. It is a one hour procedure that distributes the oils along the nervous system that feed the entire body. Combining Vita-flex, reflexology, and massage techniques with the application of 11 highly anti-microbial essential oils. This process is designed to manipulate the flow of energy throughout the body, creating and restoring health and balance. It is relaxing, safe, and non-invasive.  Raindrop therapy works on a cellular level, so it is a highly and effective tool for the entire body, leaving one feeling deeply relaxed on all levels. It is a powerful delivery that not only relieves pain and restores immediate physical well being, but it can set in motion healing process that will last for weeks or even months.

Powerful Benefits:

IMG_0868 – Increase energy & vitality
– More mobility
– Better sleep
– Reduces pain and inflammation
– Improved digestion
– Stress relief
– Relief from colds and allergies
– Elevate mood
– Clearer skin

Each Raindrop Treatment is $60 and lasts for one hour. Please call Shirley to book your treatment: (214) 868-4318